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Electrical Maintenance

Connecting, protecting and maintaining your daily operations.

Electrical maintenance for commercial properties.

Planned Maintenance

It is always best to have an electrical systems plan. Maintenance leads to better safety, less outages, more efficient energy use, and can prevent catastrophic damage to essential equipment.

Reactive Maintenance

Sometimes things just go wrong. Being prepared to react is as important as prevention. Our team of highly skilled electrical technicians can respond to any emergency in a safe and timely manner.


Knowing your building is our job

Building systems

Buildings are getting smarter. Understanding your building’s data improves understanding of system control functionality, and can lead to lower expenses and longer life-cycles.

Renewable energy systems

Electrical systems should be inspected at least once a year by an industrial electrician or commercial electrician. Maintenance of electrical systems increase efficiency and extend the life of equipment.


Recent Insights

Electrical systems are often ignored - except when something goes wrong. Electrical defects result in reduced efficiency, increased risk, costly repairs and loss of productivity. By scheduling routine electrical maintenance, defects can be identified early and repaired without any unnecessary expense or danger.

How can Thermographic Surveys reduce risk of failure?

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