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Audio Visual Systems & Installation

AV systems that just work.

Connect and Entertain

While screens are getting smarter and Bluetooth is in nearly everything, we all know the feeling when tech doesn’t play nicely together.


Office and Campus AV Set Up

A well-integrated audio-visual arrangement can save a lot of red faces and tears. Insight Electrical Services has the engineering capability to get your ‘presentation mode’ down to a few clicks of a button. With wireless AV connectivity options, staff, clients or students can stop searching for cables and ports (though we install those too). Bring in cutting edge sound without the crackle, 4K video or projection, even automate window shades and light dimming options.


AV Installation for Bars and Conference Rooms

Bring big experiences to life with quality audio-visual installation for indoor and outdoor public spaces. Venue managers can offer peace of mind to customers with well-connected technology, be that for the grand final or the national sales presentation. IET delivers unparalleled expertise to make life easy for even the non-tech-savvy among us.


Entertainment Audio Visual Arrangements

We work with some of Perth’s largest entertainment spaces to make sure that ticketholders stay happy. Our role happens far before curtain call, designing and installing the audio-visual infrastructure that is relied upon for the venues’ tech infrastructure. Programmable and flexible options that make tech-types smile and venue managers rest easy that everything will continue working as it should. See our work at Perth Concert Hall.

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