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Structured Cabling Installation

Depending on your situation, IET can install data cabling throughout your building using Cat6, Cat6A, and Cat7 cabling. Make the most of NBN technology for security and speed in your operations.

Wireless and Wired Data Networks

With the advent of 5G, some businesses are considering whether cabling is futureproofed, but a physical network still mitigates more security risks. It will take years of technology turnover to create a fully 5G office, and even then, the wired office network isn’t going anywhere, with wired cabling still required for Power Over Ethernet networks.

Fibre Optics

Large building networks can generate a large amount of heat, as well as suffering from slowed connection speeds in peak time. Fibre optic cable installation can help mitigate both of these issues to stay connected at the speed of light.

Passive Optical Network

Also known as a PON, a Passive Optical Network brings fibre optic signals all or most of the way to the end-user. It uses unpowered splitters to route data to multiple destinations, turning ‘fibre to the curb’ into superspeed ‘fibre to the user.’ We’re also able to install GPON and EPON (POE) networks for Gbps transfer.

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