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Planned Electrical Maintenance

Electrical audit and inspection.

Electrical Service Report

As your business grows, it’s normal to accumulate more electrical equipment. The inspection of switchboards and other key electrical infrastructure is all too often overlooked. Engaging IET provides you with an electrical report about your current capacity, ensuring that you don’t max out your system expose yourself to compliance breach, and can contribute to major safety hazards. Older buildings may not meet current Australian Electrical Safety Standards, and for all buildings, it is recommended that switchboard and switchgear are inspected to the requirements of AS 2467-2008 regularly.

RCD Testing

An RCD testing device is used to measure the exact time it takes for your RCD to operate and record the result in milliseconds. If your device does not meet the minimum trip time outlined by AS/NZS 3760:2010, it will receive a fail and added to a safety report we provide. We also retain a copy of this report for our records.

Emergency & Evacuation Lighting

Businesses are legally obliged to carry out emergency lighting testing every six months under Australian Standards 2293.2. The two main types of emergency lights are the green directional exit signage over doors, and in some larger buildings what is known as ‘spitfire lighting’, a low voltage emergency system. Emergency light testing can be done outside business hours to minimise disruption.

Testing & Tagging

Avoid putting your employees and the public at risk with testing and tagging by IET. Our fast and professional service will identify faulty cables on fixed and non-fixed electrical equipment, including computers, photocopiers, projectors, lamps, kitchen appliances and more

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I plan electrical inspections and maintenance?

Any breakdown in your electrical system could negatively impact your bottom line. That’s why these electrical systems need to be maintained effectively to perform at optimum during working hours for maintaining the productivity of your workforce.

How do I know if I need Emergency Lighting?

In general, emergency lighting is required to provide a sufficient lighting levels in high occupancy buildings to ensure the safety of those within the building by guiding them to a safe exit point during a power outage.

Why is it important to regularly test RCD’s?

An RCD is a life-saving device, but it does not completely eliminate the risk of electric shock. It must be tested regularly to ensure it is working correctly and safely.

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