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Early Warning Systems

The use of thermographic surveys as an early issue diagnostic tool has provided an accurate method for carrying out inspections on buildings and the infrastructure within them without costly and disruptive outages.

A building’s electrical systems can have issues without any warning, but generally any failure in an electrical system is preceded by a prolonged period of heat increase within the troubled element. Through the use of thermal imagery these hot spots are able to be identified and repaired in a programmed and controlled manner avoiding costly downtime.


Some of the issues that may be identified could be:

  • overloaded cables;
  • loose connections;
  • unbalanced loads, or;
  • defective equipment.

Any of these issues, if left unattended, may result in damage to your electrical system and all present a huge fire risk.

Fire damage to an important piece of electrical infrastructure (such as an electrical distribution board or manufacturing equipment) could result in downtime from hours to months, at great impact and cost to your organisation.

Carrying out a thermographic maintenance program regularly will result in better safety, maintained productivity and can contribute to lowering insurance premiums.

In one example of damage that could have been mitigated through using thermographic surveys, a bus duct system failed at metropolitan shopping centre. As well as the cost of repairing the duct system, the shopping centre had the additional insurance cost, loss of trade, loss of rental income and damages claims.

Potential benefits of thermographic surveys:
  • Identify faults prior to damage spreading.
  • Avoid downtime from key infrastructure failure.
  • Reduce insurance costs.
  • Streamline maintenance programs.

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