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Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Cost-effective lighting systems.

Automated Lighting Options

Whether your business relies on LED, halogen, compact fluorescent or candescent lighting, IET can offer you more control over your commercial lighting.

About Commercial Lighting Control Systems

From the electrical signage atop buildings to the complex multi-coloured array of Council House, we make lighting stand out. Lighting control systems are now more flexible than ever, with programmable switches and effects to put creativity or cost-saving to work in your commercial premises.

Life and Energy Saving Lighting

Lighting is the second largest electrical load in offices. Many businesses are switching to LED lighting for energy efficiency, ‘bulb’ longevity, and flexibility. Smart building arrays mean lighting can be used to change colours – such as flash red in an emergency situation or dim as more sunlight enters the building. The addition of occupancy/activity sensors for indoor lighting can also make a large difference to energy usage over time.

Networked Lighting Control Systems

In its simplest form, a lighting control system would be the manual switch on the wall that you’ve known your whole life. A “smart lighting control system” or “robust lighting system”, is a low-power control network (often a mesh network) that can communicate with light sources, as well as cameras, HVAC and other building systems. They offer greater control and programmability to reduce energy consumption.

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