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Electrical Safety Checks, Upgrades & Rewiring

Regular inspections to reduce risk.

Safety Checks for Commercial Buildings

Owners of commercial buildings have responsibility for the safety of the premises and its occupants. While a tenant will usually report any known fault, unknown electrical faults may only be detected through safety checks. Safety checks can also alert owners to non-compliant infrastructures, such as safety lighting and emergency system requirements.

Commercial Upgrades

As businesses grow and change, they also need to consider the electrical infrastructure that literally powers them. New equipment installations, a larger team or new safety requirements may require switchboard upgrade, three-phase installation, cable upgrades or emergency lighting upgrade to ensure compliance with electrical safety standards.

Rewiring for Large Buildings

While electrical cables are usually made from durable metal and plastic, wiring and connections can still degrade and become loose over time. Older wiring may have been installed with a different purpose and standards in place, and rewiring is often required where damage from the elements, age or pests is a factor. Insight Electrical Technology can rewire your buildings with longer-lasting options that come with a workmanship guarantee.

Electrical Safety Checks

As well as manual safety checks of electrical infrastructure, appliances and fixtures, IET provides thermographic surveys which can identify overheating and potential fire risks.

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