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Responsive Electrical Maintenance

Anytime, anywhere in Perth.

Mains Emergency? Call Western Power: 13 13 51

If you’re experiencing an electrical emergency where there is a fire risk, call 000. Report all incidents of electric shock and accidents, no matter how minor they are, to Western Power and your employer.

Managed Services Plans

Get help when you need it most. With an IET Managed Service Plan & Emergency Coverage, we’re on call, day and night to attend to your electrical issue. Our installation work also comes with a guarantee that any failure will be rectified as priority.

After-Hours Electrician

It may not be an electrical emergency, but IET can be on-site when your people aren’t to decrease downtime in your operations. After 6 pm, midnight early morning, we’ll work to your schedule.

Electrical Repairs

Issue with lighting or power after hours? We’re able to respond and be on-site fast. Insight Electrical Technology can also install emergency lighting to kick in in case of blackouts, often a building requirement in larger structures.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the afterhours call-out fee for an electrical emergency?

A emergency call out will generally be a minimum four hour charge. This is relative to the amount stipulated by Fair work Australia as a minimum payment to an employee called out afterhours. This rate can be negotiated as part of a Managed Service Plan.

Do we need to have a managed service plan to get an emergency response?

No this is not a requirement, however in an ‘afterhours’ emergency situation we do rely on automated systems and in this case, it will be necessary to have an agreement in place.

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