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Structured Network Hygiene

For all the benefits of IoT devices, they are only as good as the network infrastructure on which they run. With the always-on network demands of individuals and businesses, constant access to real-time information is a major driver for investment in IoT.

Power over Ethernet

As we move towards delivery of higher power over twisted pair cables, we will need to consider the heat and safety implications of this load, ensuring your structured cabling network is equipped for this added load is vital to any organisation that intends to utilise this feature that is becoming more available in active network equipment

System Performance

When considering network hygiene the focus is generally on cybersecurity, however, a key part of your cyber network is the structured cabling system that distributes it. Ensuring your system is installed and commissioned correctly eliminates the risk of poor performance in the network, requesting a vendor warranty is a simple way of ensuring your system is delivered by installers at 100% efficiency along with the assurance that all parts of the system are built to last.

When engaging with IET we are able to provide you with a 25-year product and application warranty on all complete system installations completed. With certified installer status IET is happy to stand beside our vendors to provide structured cabling systems that will run the test of time.

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