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Benefits of retrofitting building systems

While working towards a sustainable and self-sufficient future, it’s important to keep up with constant development and changes happening around us.

Retrofitting can be an effective and easy way to upgrade an old building with many efficiency benefits.

An established building can be improved by investing in new equipment, services and technology to reduce overheads while retaining its architectural significance. New tech and devices regularly enter the market, any of which could save owners thousands of dollars.

Greenhouse gas emissions have become a growing concern for society. Automating efficiency changes not only increases comfort, but the sustainability of resources and the health of our planet. Many older buildings use outdated technology and products for gas, water and electrical supply. These less-advanced versions of services cost an owner’s bottom line, and us all in the long run.

Even simple changes to the type of lighting fixtures used, roofing materials and wall insulation can all increase your energy efficiency. With savings, grants and consumer goodwill, being energy-efficient is the cost effective option. You also may be able to attract a higher ROI by selling a newly retrofitted building,.

Browse our work for TAFE to see how a retrofitted building system can bring new life to an ageing building and benefit all those who use it.