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John Moloney Park

Lighting the Community Oval

About the Project

The City of Wanneroo enlisted IET for the upgrade of the John Moloney Park lighting poles, this oval is used by the local community as a sports and recreation space. Ensuring the area was well lit and safe for all patrons, that includes families and young children, was a top priority.


This project includes works to supply, deliver, install and commission floodlighting and an SMS control system to the existing oval and baseball field, and the supply and installation of new eco-lighting bollards to areas along existing pathways onsite. IET were also responsible for utilising tree protection cones/bollards during trenching and pole installation works, to avoid damage in relevant tree risk areas.

The Scope of Works

We were engaged in this project to supply, deliver and install lighting poles and luminaires for the sports oval. To complete this work we needed to begin with decommissioning and demolishing the existing lighting poles and then work on the upgrade and rectification of the electrical infrastructure on the oval. This included the installation of eco-lighting bollards, supply, deliver, install, commission & configuration of the Cloudmaster SMS control system, and the design, supply and installation of footings for lighting bollards.