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Council House Lighting Upgrade

Perth Council House Colours the Night

About the Project

First opened in 1963, Perth’s Council House has become an iconic landmark building in the bustle of the CBD.  A decade after the installation of the original building lighting system, the city was facing ongoing technical issues and difficulty in obtaining spare parts, for a system that technology had moved past, the decision to replace the system was made.

The need to highlight the heritage features of the building by introducing a range of white light options, plus the creation of more pixels to improve the clarity of animations and public shows was an important requirement for the city. The results have proven a spectacular addition to the Perth skyline with adaptability that will provide a unique and lasting image for visitors and residents for years to come.


A complex design and auditing process was carried out to ensure the products selected would meet the requirements for years to come.  Installing over 800 fittings on the external facade of an 11-Storey heritage-listed building located in the centre of Perth’s CBD posed a number of challenges for our team.

To safely meet the quality requirements and intricacies of the installation, access was important. While the building was equipped for rope access, it was felt this method would be prone to quality flaws and  an extended delivery time. To combat this, swing stages were installed on each face of the building providing stable access, this ensured a quality-controlled result that will be sure to meet the test of time.

The Scope of Works

Selection of fittings that met the cities criteria for reliability, serviceability, adaptability and availability of replacements was a key factor in product selection. With Coolon Latitude 37 light fixtures used on the facade and Pharos Architectural lighting control being installed.