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Mount Hospital Emergency Lighting with Zoneworks XT HIVE

The Insight Electrical team is always searching out innovative smart building tech to enhance safety, energy efficiency and sustainability. So, we’re excited to share that we’ve recently completed a staggered upgrade of emergency lighting throughout the Mount Hospital campus, implementing the Zoneworks XT HIVE System (the first installation of its kind in WA).

As you might imagine, our client being an organisation that regularly deals with medical emergencies, public safety is of paramount importance. Emergency lighting is crucial to ensuring safe outcomes in the event of an electrical system failure. We were approached to deliver a future-ready, monitored solution after the hospital’s maintenance staff noted increasing fail rates along with escalating repair costs on the existing emergency system.

What is the Zoneworks XT Hive System?

It’s fair to say that Zoneworks XT HIVE is a revolution in emergency lighting technology. The deeper we delved into it, the more we’ve been impressed. Designed by Clevertronics, the system is just about the simplest RF backbone set up for any large site.

Its clever utility comes from the capability to connect up to 1,000 fittings to a single RF gateway. That gateway (or terminal, you might call it) can then be monitored via a standard tablet or smart device. Once the fittings are installed, they are able to self-discover each other using Dynamic Self Managed Meshing. Think of it like a network of connected cells able to communicate failures – or potential failures – in each area.

Zoneworks XT HIVE was recently introduced to the market, finally providing the future-proofing businesses have been crying out for, with long and short-term maintenance advantages.

The emergency lighting system is ideal for large infrastructure. Mount Hospital is the first site in WA to have the system fully commissioned, however, it has already proven successful in other premier sites such as Marvel Stadium and the ATO offices in Melbourne.

What are the benefits of the Zoneworks XT Hive emergency lighting system?

Because the system is computer-monitored and largely automated, it’s able to generate its own fault log and work orders. But the benefits are far-reaching for any large building network:

  • Reduced running costs.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • A graphical interface to quickly locate fittings.

As is the case with the Mount Hospital installation, the system can be to be rolled out as the existing system continues to fail. That has allowed the campus to spread its cost. Rather than a large CAPEX, they have been able to incorporate the installation investment into the Maintenance Program.

Facility managers and building managers, especially those maintaining multi-storey or multi-building complexes, will see massive benefits in cost-saving and, of course, ensuring public safety. This initial phase of the project has just been completed with the second round of replacements about to occur.