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Building for the future

As we progress towards the future there is one thing that we all need, reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity, and the need is growing.

Addressing this power hungry sector at the time of construction or building renewal is essential to achieving energy reduction with a variety of options available.

Energy management systems are a must have item in buildings, knowing how your and where your energy is being consumed is step one in the reducing your consumption.

Intelligent lighting control systems can be used to simply switch areas of lighting off when not in use or with the use of lux sensors can adjust lighting levels based on the amount of natural light available at any time throughout the day. Maintaining and controlling lighting levels is one of the human-centric features that adds to staff contentment. Occupant control of building systems such as cooling and heating in areas also adds to this satisfaction.

With diversified networks and the Internet of things occupants are able to control building security better than ever before, connected devices and high speed In Building Wireless networks are essential to maintaining our connected society. It is the new norm to have exceptional data available at your fingertips in any location.

With the improvement in appliance efficiency and the progression of Power over Ethernet building energy management will improve in leaps and bounds over the coming years with Monitors being powered directly from ethernet networks, providing not only energy savings but added security.

Unfortunately, with the demand for more electricity we have seen a rapid rise in carbonisation, buildings of the future not only will need to cope with this demand but make a commitment to reducing their impact. Renewable energy while beneficial to the reduction of emissions and energy consumption is not always the best answer when considering buildings, through the use of better technology and understanding how your building works great savings will be possible.